A *New* Program for
Graphic Design

by David Reinfurt

November 22–24, 2019

Sprint Milano
Milan, Italy

O' non-profit Art Association

O' non-profit Art Association

Spazio Maiocchi

This certainly is not a carefully crafted collection of rules, guidelines, and methods intended to shore up graphic design as a relevant discipline. It is inevitably more of a digressive, discursive ramble, an occasionally high-speed pitch across any number of subjects and settings, though never possibly enough. Anyone else, by definition, would do this differently. It’s limited, as much by my imagination and by my experience as by the practical constraints of a book. But in its form is also its argument. So let me be explicit: When you’ve finished A *New* Program for Graphic Design, rip it up, throw it away, and get busy assembling your own.

Now, let’s get started.