A *New* Program for
Graphic Design

by David Reinfurt

Teaching Guide

This free teaching guide is for an introductory graphic design class, aimed at
students with no previous background in the subject. This guide has practical
assignments and suggested readings that can be used by educators with students
across different levels. These activities are intended for students to understand the
relationship between typography, visual literacy, and interfaces through practice
and discussion. 

The guide asks us to look at graphics all around us, from the public
environment, electronic media and the flotsam of commercial messaging that we
navigate daily. Organized by the chapters of A *New* Program for Graphic Design,
students can prepare by reading the chapter from which the assignments are
derived. The aim of these exercises is for students to get a hands on understand of
the major shifts in print and design technologies. Through these assignments and
peer critiques, students should gain comfort building both a formal vocabulary for
approaching design and a literal vocabulary for speaking about it.

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